How pygeoapi works

pygeoapi is a Python-based HTTP server implementation of the OGC API standards. As a server implementation, pygeoapi listens to HTTP requests from web browsers, mobile or desktop applications and provides responses accordingly.

how pygeoapi works

At its core, pygeoapi provides a core Python API that is driven by two required YAML configuration files, specified with the following environment variables:

  • PYGEOAPI_CONFIG: runtime configuration settings

  • PYGEOAPI_OPENAPI: the OpenAPI document autogenerated from the runtime configuration

See also

Configuration for more details on pygeoapi settings

The core Python API provides the functionality to list, describe, query, and access geospatial data. From here, standard Python web frameworks like Flask, Django and Starlette provide the web API/wrapper atop the core Python API.


pygeoapi ships with Flask and Starlette as web framework options.