Building the documentation

To build the documentation in pygeoapi we use Sphinx. The documentation is located in the docs folder.


For the following instructions to work, you must be located in the root folder of pygeoapi.

Install the dependencies necessary for building the documentation using the following command:

pip3 install -r docs/requirements.txt

After installing the requirements, build the documentation using the sphinx-build command:

sphinx-build -M html docs/source docs/build

Or using the following make command:

make -C docs html

After building the documentation, the folder docs/build will contain the website generated with the documentation. Add the folder to a web server or open the file docs/build/html/index.html file in a web browser to see the contents of the documentation.

The documentation is hosted on readthedocs. It is automatically generated from the contents of the master branch on GitHub.

The file .readthedocs.yaml contains the configuration of the readthedocs build. Refer to the readthedocs configuration file documentation for more information.

Contributing GitHub page

Please see the Contributing page for information on contributing to the project.