Admin API

pygeoapi provides the ability to manage configuration through an API.

When enabled, Transactions can be made on pygeoapi’s configured resources. This allows for API based modification of the pygeoapi configuration.

The API is enabled with the following server configuration:

    admin: true # boolean on whether to enable Admin API.

Access control

It should be made clear that authentication and authorization is beyond the responsibility of pygeoapi. This means that if a pygeoapi user enables the Admin API, they must provide access control explicity via another service.

pygeoapi hot reloading in gunicorn

For pygeoapi to hot reload the configuration as changes are made, the pygeoapi configuration file must be included as demonstrated for a gunicorn deployment of pygeoapi via flask:

gunicorn \
    --workers ${WSGI_WORKERS} \
    --worker-class=${WSGI_WORKER_CLASS} \
    --timeout ${WSGI_WORKER_TIMEOUT} \
    --name=${CONTAINER_NAME} \
    --reload \
    --reload-extra-file ${PYGEOAPI_CONFIG} \